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About Sunrise

Sunrise Pacific Co., Ltd was established in the year 1996. Sunrise Pacific is a professional manufacturer for equipment related to corrugated paper printing and box making. The machinery and equipment produced primarily caters for domestic and international carton manufacturers, including Taiwan, China, Europe, South East Asia, Central America, Middle East countries, etc. Companies, such as Cheng Loong Corp., Yuen Foong Yu Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., Long Chen Paper Co., Ltd., Master Kong, Taiwan Pulp & Paper Corporation, in Taiwan and China’s paper industry designate the use of Sunrise Pacific machinery and equipment. The company also maintains technical cooperation with European, American and Japanese manufacturers; in pursuit of continuous enterprise management and growth, continue to create new merits for Sunrise Pacific.

Sunrise Pacific Co., Ltd. has an excellent management and design team. Communication and coordination across various departments ensure smooth execution of associated tasks. This not only improves work efficiency, but also significantly reduces company’s operating costs. The company constantly develops towards the goal of internationalization. Apart from possessing internationalized thinking, internationalized product, internationalized management, localized services are also essential.

◎Professional team

Sunrise Pacific values individual staff member’s professional capacity building and self-identity. The company provides a wide range of educational training and development, such as training sale staff on detailed product knowledge and sales concepts; training technical staff to develop their technical skill and expertise, as well as enhancing their knowledge and sensitivity towards various equipment and device; and provides Carnegie training which is able to stimulate staff members’ job performance, etc. Via various internal and external training, every staff member of the company is able to self-improve in different areas. This further creates new merits for the company.

◎Departmental team collaboration

Sunrise Pacific actively promotes cross-department, cross-level communication discussion and coordination. This way, potential issues arising from inter-departmental workflow can be eliminated. Via amendment or development of more suitable cross-departmental workflow, the smoothness of inter-department’s execution of associated tasks can be enhanced. Teamwork not only improves work efficiency, but also significantly reduces company’s operating costs.

◎Customized equipment

Sunrise Pacific has nearly two decades of product service experience. The company pays considerable attention to clients’ needs. The R&D department constantly carries out research and development on new machine structures, new machine models to provide clients most suitable products and services. Sunrise Pacific is not only able to perform customized services before shipping its products, but also provides after sales product design alterations and adjustments based on clients’ sales needs.

◎Good quality, reasonable price

Sunrise Pacific has always been upholding the principle “purchase the best quality and service with the most reasonable price”. The purchasing department’s insistence on raw material price control, quality control department’s insistence on the part and component quality monitoring, and assembly department’s insistence on product perfection; each and every detail aims to display our guarantees towards our products and clients.

◎Effective flow control

From equipment order to shipment, there are qualified full-time staff monitoring and controlling equipment production progress and quality at every stage. All flow data and information can be viewed through a single window, thus all making process progress and information flow can be monitored and controlled effectively.

◎After sales service

Sunrise Pacific upholds the principle of “where the product goes, there goes the service”. Where experienced and qualified professional staff handle first-line client enquiries and questions, it not only shortens response time, but also allows clients to obtain direct-addressed reply. Via follow-up telephone interview, the company is able to understand client product usage situation and feedback towards the products. Moreover, the company is able to remind clients in regards to regular machine maintenance items. The production of product operation and troubleshooting visual recordings based on high-frequency client enquiries and questions, is able to provide clients remote, self-executable troubleshooting and also save both sides’ manpower and time costs.